OoTD – The Errands

Yesterday was one of those days that really brightened my mood. Originally, I had such a hard time picking an outfit and I couldn’t decide on anything. I have a tendency to mentally pick out what I want to wear the night before and as I’m sure some of you have found, that doesn’t always work out. I almost gave up and called it a night before settling on this ensemble. Now, I’m not one to gush about feeling cute, but darn did I ever feel cute! Why don’t I dress this way more often? 
Dress turned into shirt – Walmart
Skirt – Fats Community via Fatty Unbound
Belt – Walmart (I am having a love affair with this belt!)
Tights – Fashion Max
Shoes – I can’t remember.. somewhere
Earrings – Aldo


  1. Pretty Penny Mae says:

    I just adore all of your outfits, but this one is one of my favorites! I love the colors and how flirty the skirt is. The colors and everything about it are just perfect!

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