OoTD – Au Revoir

In my most private dreams, I’m at waitress at a small café in France. I’ve picked up the language perfectly and I have a vintage inspired apartment all my own. I’ve lived there for years and I’ve grown accustomed to the culture but most importantly, the fashion. In reality, I’m a Canadian born fat girl with an incredibly large fascination for French culture. It’s probably the main reason why I’ve made it a hobby to pick up anything that strikes me as remotely French inspired. 
So, its obvious that my point with this outfit was creating something that appeared French. Even though I ditched “La Grande Fille” I still hold the language and culture very dear to my heart. At this point I’ll do anything I can in order to feel like I’ve taken a bit of dream lifestyle with me.
Cardigan – Gift
Shirt – Winners
Skirt – Forever21
Shoes – Payless Shoe Store


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