Dear Old Friend

I like to plan my outfits mentally before I go out to save my room from the disaster that comes from rummaging and throwing around all of my clothing. However, when I received a huge package from my dear friend Kyla I couldn’t resist wearing one of the pieces she sent me! It didn’t take me long to narrow down my options to this pussybow dress from ASOS. I knew it was going to be the perfect sweetheart approach I wanted to visit a friend/crush of mine.
I was a bit strapped for time and I don’t have that many shots of the outfit so these webcam shots will have to do.
Mixing purple and mustard is my absolute favourite colour combination (yes, more than red and blue!) these days. I just love the way the colours look against each other. I’m surprised I didn’t find some way to add a hint of cheetah print to this outfit but adding my adorable Animal pin really helped tie it all together for me. At least I know my outfit served its purpose of being too cute to boot!
Cardigan – Gift (via Winners)
Dress – Gift (via ASOS)
Tights – We Love Colours
Pin – Pork Magazine
Ring – Gift from Kyla
Boots – Lane Bryant


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