Last Days of Summer

Isn’t it strange how quickly seasons go by when you’re an adult? The year seems to zip by so fast that it hardly feels like it was there at all. Summer is just about gone and cold nights have taken over. My blog will be turning 3 years old this October, I’m back in school and headed down the path of becoming a “real adult”. I feel so grown up, even if at times I’m resistant to that. This summer has been so very different for me as well. I’ve been traveling between Boston and Toronto a lot, while juggling some major life changes and trying to come to terms with the end of my childhood. Without trying to sound extremely depressing, I’m turning a new leaf in life and thats both exciting and terrifying.
I spent some of my last official summer days wearing pretty much nothing but my PJs but every now and then I put on clothes and braved the heat. At least I had a chance to bare my midriff once this summer! As sad as I am to start putting away my flats and replace them for tights, I’m so so excited for layering. Yanno, all the classic things that we end up missing when we’re struggling to put outfits together in the summer. What are you most excited about for fall? What will you miss most about the summer?
Top – ASOS
Vest – Forever21+ 
Skirt – Purchased from Zero Style
Shoes – Wal Mart
Earrings – Thrifted


  1. SimplySassy says:

    I love your outfit! Super cute [: I've been leafing through your posts and I really do adore your look. I wish that I could pull off doing blush the way you do. I always feel like a clown when I put it on.

  2. Fashion Rehab says:

    I know what you mean, the year goes by so quickly, its crazy. Also just embrace the little you have left in school, cos the real world is real lol, believe me, I know.
    ps: your outfit is so cute 🙂

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