London Calling

There’s a London shaped hole in my heart right now and I’m missing the city like crazy. I just got back last night from a very last minute visit to one of my dream places and I still feel like it didn’t happen. My fella took me along for a business trip and I spent the days sight seeing, meeting some pretty amazing babes, hanging with my sister and just absorbing what I could in 5 short days. I flew over night, landed at 4.30am and (barely) managed to pull myself out of bed for Plus London 3! Although I didn’t get to stay long (my sis had plans for me!), I so enjoyed being there and meeting some bloggers I had only dreamed of meeting. I saw Notting Hill, finally had coffee with my dear old friend Ivonne, visited the Tower of London, shopped and so, so much more. My heart is aching to go back and see more but until then, I’ll keep these photos as a reminder of the amazing time I had.
Plus London 3 with the absolutely beautiful and oh so sweet Lauren!

Snapping shots of myself on my (sorta) first tube experience and having coffee in Notting Hill with Ivonne (one of my oldest internet friends)

The place where Anne Boleyn and so many more were beheaded. Very chilling and eerie spot to be standing. I had such a strong emotional reaction on my visit to the Tower of London
The only sight seeing I was able to do with Gil but what a perfect night it was! 

I’ll be posting a few of my outfits and finds in another post but until then, I’m off to cry about being back in North America.


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