Ice Cream, You Scream




I’ve got a really big, overwhelming thing for pastels right now. I guess you could always say that I’ve been a little obsessed with baby colours but lately, I’ve just been wild about them. Nothing puts a smile on my face faster than spotting something pastel coloured. I’ll even go as far as buying erasers or bringing home paint sample cards because the colours just make me so darn happy. There’s something to be said for colour therapy and I truly believe they can make or break your mood.







icecream10Top / Skirt / Bag / Shoes / Hat

This past weekend was the Fuller Women expo, and although I walked away feeling quite disappointed with the event, I walked away with a bit more confidence in myself than ever before. I just couldn’t quite get my vision of the perfect outfit down for the previous days but I really outdid myself on Sunday. When I saw an ice cream truck sitting outside the event, I took the the opportunity and snapped what has to be some of my favourite outfit photos yet. Wearing pastel colours that day really helped brighten my mood. What do you wear to help improve your mood, if any?

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